Calabasas / Woodland Hills Full Mouth Restoration
Dr. Susan Fredericks

The goal of Full Mouth Restoration is to restore optimal health and ideal occlusion in order to alleviate tension, pain, and discomfort caused by a variety of conditions including missing or damaged teeth, unhealthy gums, bone loss, or help TMJ Disorder patients overcome the pain and discomfort associated with their condition. Full Mouth Restoration is the complete restoration of each and every tooth to an optimal shade, length, shape and position. To determine treatment, cosmetic dentist Dr. Fredericks uses diagnostic technology and neuromuscular methods to relax the jaw muscles. Once she knows where the muscles and jaw are most comfortable, she can apply an orthotic mouth piece to support the comfortable position.

For some, establishing optimal position for long-term comfort may require wearing the orthotic for several months before permanent restorations are placed. Once comfort is established with the orthotic, Dr. Fredericks will remove old dentistry and prepare each tooth with temporary restorations. During the final visit three to four weeks later, Dr. Fredericks will remove the temporaries and permanently “seat” each optimally positioned restoration.