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Experts have found a link between oral health and overall health. Keeping your teeth and gums in top shape is not only good for your smile — it’s good for your heart, cardiovascular system and major organs. Think of Dr. Fredericks as your partner and biggest advocate for your oral health. She offers the following treatments and procedures at our full-service Woodland Hills dental practice.

Dental exams and cleanings are recommended every six months so our team can check for signs of disease or decay and to professionally clean the teeth. Since some dental disease can manifest without any painful symptoms, it’s imperative that Dr. Fredericks regularly use state-of-the-art equipment to check for problems.

Root canals can save a damaged/diseased tooth from being extracted. A root canal is a procedure to remove infected dental pulp from inside the tooth. Dr. Fredericks will disinfect the tooth and remove all debris, then fill the tooth’s canal to prevent further pain or infection.

Periodontal treatment involves the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. Periodontal treatment may involve treating a bacterial infection of the gums, bone or periodontal ligament, covering exposed tooth root surfaces or otherwise repairing the gum tissue.

Dental bonding is a procedure in which a resin material is used to sculpt the tooth to improve its size, shape or spacing. Bonding is a less invasive way to improve a tooth’s size, shape or spacing than a dental veneer.

Tooth-colored fillings repair small tooth fractures and decay. The filling material mimics the color of natural teeth very closely for a superior aesthetic result.

Bridges close the gap left by a missing tooth. A typical dental bridge consists of two dental crowns that fit over the teeth on either side of the gap and support a false tooth that fits into the gap itself.

Dental implants are titanium screws or posts that are placed in the jawbone and support a false tooth. They are a very stable and long-lasting way to replace a missing tooth or tooth that has been extracted. Implant placement is a multiple-stage process that takes several months to complete and requires oral surgery.

Tooth whitening can be performed either in our Woodland Hills dental practice or at home, using customized whitening trays. During an in-office treatment, Dr. Fredericks uses the Brite Smile/Zoom system, which can lighten the teeth up to eight shades in one hour.

Crowns are dental restorations that are placed over structurally damaged or compromised teeth to give them strength and support. Dental crowns, also known as caps, slip right over the surface of the tooth and blend in beautifully with the surrounding teeth.

Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain that are bonded to the surface of a tooth to improve its appearance. Porcelain veneers can mask stains, chips, small cracks, spacing problems and other cosmetic flaws that distract the eyes.

Minor orthodontic treatment can correct crooked teeth and an improper bite that impair eating, speaking and proper hygiene. Dr. Fredericks may use traditional dental braces or Invisalign, the clear braces system.

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