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Southern Cal Smiles Gum Lift patientHealthy, pink gums that cushion your teeth are an important aspect of an attractive smile. Excessive, puffy or uneven gum tissue can distort your smile and overwhelm beautiful teeth. A gum lift (also known as gum recontouring) is a dental procedure that improves the ratio of gums to teeth for a more even and proportional smile. Dr. Fredericks performs gum lifts at Southern Cal Smiles, our Woodlands Hills dental practice. If you feel self-conscious about your “gummy smile,” a gum lift is your best option for correction.

Improve Your Smile with a Gum Lift

Gum lift improves the balance between your gums and teeth for a more attractive smile. It is usually performed on the gums surrounding the front teeth that show when you smile. Gum lift can accomplish the following:

  • Treat a smile that looks excessively “gummy”
  • Even out the gingival contours
  • Cover exposed tooth root surfaces
  • Reveal more of teeth that are covered by gum tissue and look small
  • Improve teeth that look crooked or oddly angled because of excess gum tissue

Dr. Fredericks may also reshape the gingival tissue for other reasons. For example, people with poor dental hygiene habits may develop deep gum pockets because they don’t brush properly and calculus and plaque has built up. Dr. Fredericks can use a laser to sterilize and seal the gum pockets.

What to Expect During a Gum Lift

Dr. Fredericks performs gum lift in her Woodland Hills dental office. She uses a laser in gingival sculpting and contouring procedures. First, she will apply a local anesthetic to the gums to prevent discomfort. Then, she will direct a soft tissue laser at the gums to remove excess tissue that obstructs the teeth. She will also reshape the gum tissue to lift the gum line and reveal more of the teeth.

One of the challenges of gum lift surgery is to reveal precisely the right amount of tooth structure; Dr. Fredericks is careful not to remove too much gum tissue, as this can throw off the balance between the teeth and the gums.

Laser gum lift is a virtually painless cosmetic dentistry procedure. The laser seals the excess gum tissue to reduce bleeding and prevent the need for stitches, which in turn speeds up the gum lift recovery process. Usually one laser gum lift treatment is sufficient to correct the imperfections of the gums.

Learn More about Gum Lifts

If you are unhappy with a gummy smile or have noticed that excessive gum tissue obstructs your beautiful teeth, consider gum lift with Woodland Hills cosmetic dentist Susan Fredericks. Contact Southern Cal Smiles today for more information about the procedure.