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Some dental imperfections don’t warrant the placement of a veneer or a crown. Dental bonding is a quicker and simpler way than crown or veneer treatment to mask small flaws in the teeth — whether it involves shape, size or color. Dr. Fredericks, a respected Woodland Hills cosmetic dentist, performs dental bonding at her practice near Calabasas. Bonding is a quick procedure that does not require any special recovery time.

Beautify Your Smile with Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a technique in which a tooth-colored, putty-like material is carefully applied to improve the appearance of a tooth. It’s a more conservative alternative to placing a dental crown or veneer and also a quicker process. While it will not provide the structural support of a dental crown, or fully encapsulate the tooth like a veneer, bonding can conceal minor flaws. Dr. Fredericks can accomplish the following objectives through dental bonding:

  • Mask small chips or cracks
  • Lengthen a short tooth
  • Fill in small spaces between the teeth
  • Cover up stains or discoloration
  • Conceal a crooked or misshaped tooth

Dental Bonding: What to Expect

Bonding is performed during a single visit to Dr. Fredericks’ dental practice; the entire appointment takes about an hour. Bonding doesn’t require any impressions, molds or models, so it can be completed more quickly than the placement of a customized tooth restoration.

First, Dr. Fredericks applies a special cleaning solution to the surface of the tooth to so the bonding material will adhere. She will select a material that matches your natural tooth color, so that the bonding blends in with the rest of your teeth. Dr. Fredericks places a small amount of the putty-like material on your tooth and molds it into the desired shape. Once she is satisfied with her sculpting, she uses a high-intensity curing light to harden the composite. She may repeat these steps as needed.

After she’s finished, Dr. Fredericks will give you additional instructions for caring for your newly-bonded teeth. The resin bonding material is durable and strong, and can last for years with the proper care and maintenance.

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