Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist – Dr. Susan Fredericks

By definition, Cosmetic Dentistry addresses the appearance of your smile. Fortunately for Calabasas and Woodland Hills cosmetic dentistry patients, the methods used by Dr. Fredericks can also correct certain health and function issues. For others, the cosmetic enhancement must follow a more specialized treatment.

Dr Fredericks assesses several factors to determine your cosmetic dentistry treatment.

  1. The nature of your occlusion, or “bite position” – how your teeth come together when you bite down – is an important factor in determining the right cosmetic treatment for your smile.
  2. Tooth alignment—teeth out of alignment often produce a poor appearance and may cause immediate and long-term problems with your dental health. Misaligned teeth can be corrected or altered in several ways to create a healthier, more attractive smile.
  3. Broken or chipped teeth are unattractive and uncomfortable. They can easily be restored and strengthened to ideal shape and size.
  4. Worn teeth — teeth that are extremely worn down can be lengthened and reshaped making them stronger and younger looking.
  5. Discolored or stained teeth — teeth that have not responded to over-the-counter whitening products or formulas may respond better to and last much longer with specialized treatments provided by Dr. Fredericks.
  6. Diastemas, or spaces between your teeth can be easily corrected.

Cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Fredericks is easy, virtually painless and can have a significant impact on your entire appearance. For many people, especially in Southern California, a healthier, more beautiful smile plays a major role in a quality-filled life. It can literally change the way you feel from the inside out. A cosmetic smile makeover can usually be completed in about 10 days, from start to finish. Together, you and Dr. Fredericks can determine the most ideal treatment solution for your unique smile.